Akita and it’s family have reached the planet Pluto and now it’s the time for them to populate the planet. Backed by its native AKTP token the journey of Akita, it’s family and its holders is sure going to be an exciting one.

AKTP is an ever expanding protocol on BSC which rewards its holders with guaranteed allocation & airdrop for new fair-launched tokens under Akita Family. Pre-specified milestone and activities which determines the launch of Akita family members tokens ensure that holding AKTP is fun filled and rewarding.

Haven’t you gotten bored of all memes around the world which does the same thing?

We bet you have!

Akita and it’s family is represented by AKTP. As the family grows the AKTP grows too. Along with AKTP the family members are coming with their tokens too. Rewarding its holders AKTP will act as the harbinger of its family growth.

We aim to make AKTP Community a lively and exciting one. After every 1 million volume is traded for Akita new tokens will be fair-launched for AKTP holders.

  • AKTP is the head token of the Akita Family. Holding AKTP ensures you the following
  • Whitelist spot for fair-launches
  • Flexible Discounts in FairLaunch to Holders
  • Guranteed Airdrop of new tokens to Holders
  • Periodic Distribution of new tokens in form of rewards
  • Regular fun-filled activities which makes holding AKTP even more exciting.
  • Besides all the holding incentives , AKTP comes with stakeless farming and comes with 3% stakeless rewards on each txn.

Post the launch of AKTP as soon 1 million trade volume is hit. The first token to be launched under the aegis of AKTP will be of AkitaSon.


The Akita Family is expanding and the first family member to face this world is Son of Akita.

AkitaSon goes live after 1 Million Volume is traded for AKTP after its Presale.

AkitaSon will be a FairLaunch with a raise of 50 BNB. 100% of raised amount goes in Liquidity.

AkitaSon Fair-Launch will be done through a whitelist system in which holding AKTP is a must.

  • AKTP is the head token of AkitaPluto family and its a must to participate in any Fair-Launch. All whitelisted address will receive an extra 10% token allocation. The extra token allocation will be released over two weeks after launch.
  • Apart from extra 10% token allocation and whitelist opportunity. All AKTP holders will receive a free Airdrop of AkitaSon over a month.
  • The more you hold AKTP, the more rewards you accumulate and the journey doesn’t stop at AkitaSon. After every 1 million volume is traded, a new family member will comes out in front of you.
  • Combined with exciting products like NFT Marketplace, Akita Swap and much more, the AkitaPluto protocol is surely going to be extremely exciting.

  • 4% Redistribution
  • 3% Burn
  • 3% LP Pool
  • 4% Marketing Pool


  • Total Supply: 500 Trillion
  • Fair Launch
  • Total BNB raised: 50 BNB
  • Ownership Renounced
  • LP Lock: 100%

AkitaPluto Family Map

Phase 1

  • 1 Million Trade Volume
  • First expansion of AkitaFamily
  • Launch of AkitaSon
  • Spread of word for AkitaFamily

Phase 2

  • 2 Million Trade Volume
  • Second Expansion of AkitaFamily
  • Launch of AkitaBro
  • AkitaSwap conception

Phase 3

  • 4 Million Trade Volume
  • Launch of AkitaPal and AkitaHiro
  • AkitaSwap Beta Testing
  • Marketing and Partnerships

Phase 4

  • 10 Million Trade Volume
  • Rapid expansion of Akita Family
  • AkitaSwap public launch
  • Cex Listing and much more..

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